Save Money and Time Overall

Time is money so the faster you recover, the faster you can move on with your daily life. In discussing the cost of treatment, patients come to understand that the pain that has been holding them back from their life costs them more money in the long term. I get asked many questions concerning insurance coverage and costs associated with treatment.

Question:  Dr. Ichtertz, what is your advice to patients who are not directly contracted with you as a preferred provider in their insurance plan?

My patients are back to work much, much faster than my competitors, saving money by preventing lost income.  They can return to work within days rather than weeks or months. Additionally, they experience the added benefit of less discomfort overall in the healing process.

How I save you money: 

  • I never order hand or wrist MRI scans since they are expensive (~$1200) and unnecessary.
  • I never order PT/OT. When surgery is done properly, these services are unnecessary (easily save > $1000).
  • I never put patients on disability for carpal tunnel syndrome. You can return to work quickly without the hassles of disability claims or reduced income.
  • Trigger finger issues are solved in my office, avoiding hospital and/or surgery center fees.
  • Saturday surgeries for the employed are available in November and December to avoid income loss on the day of surgery.
  • Discounted medications & samples are given whenever possible, saving you hundreds of dollars.