Shoulder Pain

Looking for Shoulder Pain Relief?

What can be worse than near constant pain in one's shoulder interfering with any use of the hand, awakening one from sleep, prevention of sports participation, etc.? Get help now!

At Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, we treat many shoulder issues including:

Is your shoulder pain entirely spontaneous?

Entirely spontaneous pain in one’s shoulder is most likely to due to rotator cuff or biceps tendon irritation or degenerative arthritis of the acromioclavicular joint on the top of the shoulder or possibly the main shoulder joint (glenohumeral).

Shoulder Pain and Cancer

If you have ever had cancer it is possible for cancer to spread to the shoulder, but it is probably never the originating site of shoulder pain, i.e. it is not likely to be the primary site of a tumor.

Shoulder Pain from Injuries

A simple fall or jarring if one slips and grabs a rail can result in a ruptured tendon, deformity of the muscle (Popeye muscle), weakness and loss of motion. Note, a complete tear of the rotator cuff needs to be repaired within a few weeks of the injury!

Don't Wait to Treat your Shoulder Pain

Don’t wait months to be seen. If a person feels he is having a lot of shoulder pain or he is unable to raise his arm up, he needs to be seen within a month of the injury before irreversible changes occur to prevent successful repair of the rotator cuff tendon. Don’t wait! Call now.