Client Testimonials

Dr. Ichtertz and his staff deserve more than 5 stars! I could write a book detailing the pleasant experience and very successful surgery outcome I have had. I first went to Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute in Lincoln for neck and shoulder pain. The dull, aching, burning “tightness” in my neck and back shoulder prevented sleep, started to worsen, had occurred for over 5 years and did not respond to other medical treatments or medicine. Dr. Ichtertz diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand and elbow. He suggested non-surgical options for my elbow but I chose to have both surgeries at the same time. Our goals for the surgeries were to help my weakening grip, stop the tingling/numbness in my pinkie and ring finger, stop the fatigue my elbow exhibited while doing tasks like brushing my teeth AND relieve my neck and shoulder pain if it was caused by a pinched nerve. I am thrilled to say that having both surgeries have improved my life tremendously! Dr. Ichtertz accomplished all of the goals we set, the surgery and recovery were relatively easy and the scars are barely visible. And the absolute best part of my experience? My neck and shoulder pain are GONE! I’m grateful to Dr. Ichtertz every day and catch myself thinking, “Remember when I couldn’t do this because of my hand/elbow/neck/shoulder?” instead of constantly icing, stretching and wondering if I had to live with discomfort for the rest of my life.

— Jessica K

My first carpal tunnel surgery was open release. I was in heavy bandages for about two weeks. It hurt a great deal for a long time. Could not eat with my right hand at all. It was very awkward. Couldn’t do much of anything for nearly three weeks.

When I had my second carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand by Dr. Ichtertz it was so different. I had bandages for a couple days and then it was more like bandaids! I could use my hand (carefully!) almost immediately. The difference was unbelievable! Wish I had found Dr. Ichtertz for the first surgery.

Dr. Ichtertz was also available to fix trigger finger—my left hand little finger. Cleared up right away. Thank you, Doctor.

— J. Malot

I am a nurse and had problems of tingling and numbness in my hands for approximately 13 years. I tried several types of treatment on my own – braces, magnetic therapy, & exercises – none of these worked. I went to see Dr. Ichtertz in Sept. 2008 when I could no longer take a patient’s pulse without my fingers going numb and unable to start an IV due to the numbness. I had my right (endoscopic) carpal tunnel release on Oct. 2, 2008 and the left on Oct. 30, 2008. Both were very successful! I have been amazed with the results! I play volleyball and I played just 2 weeks after each surgery! The exercise therapy is very important. Thanks Dr. Ichtertz!

— Tina M, RN

I had symptoms since age 35, I am now 68. I have worked in offices in various positions my whole life. If I had known there would be this much improvement, I would not have waited so long to do it (ECTR). The thumb that had been hurting all along has not hurt since immediately after surgery months ago.

— W. Jean D

I have been a hair stylist for 22 years. Working with my hands is very important. When I went back to work three days after surgery (ECTR), I was able to do everything. I highly recommend Dr. Ichtertz.

— Cosmetologist

Several years ago while being towed behind a boat, I held on too tightly to the rope and severely injured my left wrist. My local doctor in Kansas recommended Dr. Dolf Ichtertz in Nebraska. As a baton twirler I need both wrists and because Dr. Ichtertz repaired both wrists-(ECTR)- I am able to twirl again! I was selected as the 2008 Ms. Senior Kansas and I will go to Atlantic City, New Jersey October 2008 for the Ms. Senior America Pageant. I will be twirling two batons, ribbons chain flag, two knives and a lighted baton to “Danger Zone” from Top Gun for the talent part. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Ichtertz for the excellent surgery he did on my wrist and making it possible for me to twirl at age 66!

— Glenda T, Horton, Kansas

I wanted to tell you that Dr Ichtertz is one of the most effective, affordable, ethical doctors I have ever encountered in my 36 year nursing career!

I have seen the outcome of multiple surgeries he has performed on my husband including hand surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, elbow surgery, and shoulder surgery. Dr Ichtertz was able to perform a laparoscopic shoulder surgery on my husband that would’ve been a total shoulder replacement under most doctors care! My husband recovered extremely quickly with almost no downtime after each surgery!

My grandfather had hand surgery with him with amazing outcome! My 82 year old mother had surgery for her carpal tunnel problem and went home and continued to clip coupons with that hand the very same day. My uncle has had his hand restored to full function by Dr Ichtertz also!

I referred my brother to him who is a retired military veteran and now almost retired from Burlington Northern Santa Fe. He has restored my brother to full function after a carpal tunnel and elbow surgery, both the same day. My brother fixed his daughter’s car and worked on his lawn the same day that he had surgery in the morning! He was back to work at BNSF two days later! Functioning fully!

My son also had a work up for his broken hand. Many doctors would have done surgery on that hand and gotten away with it. Dr Ichtertz was able to review the situation and confirm that my son did not need surgery. His hand recovered just fine.

The thing I find the most fascinating about Dr Ichtertz is his moral ethical standard! In my 36 year nursing career I have observed many doctors doing procedures that were not best for the patient because they could and because they get paid. There are very few monitoring systems set up for doctors in America! The outcomes for many patients are very detrimental! Dr Ichtertz only does what is needed and best for the patient. He is never driven by money. He makes it possible to pay out of pocket when insurance doesn’t cover it! And he does his procedures for reasonable prices! He takes great pride in his profession and furthering the science for the benefit of mankind.! I have an amazing amount of respect and awe for Dr. Ichtertz for all the reasons mentioned above!

— Crystal T.

My experience with Dr. Ichtertz and his staff was fantastic. I had carpel and cubital tunnel syndrome by relieving pressure on the median nerve at the wrist and the ulnar nerve at the elbow. The surgery was a success. I followed the post op. instructions and Dr. Ichtertz called me the next day to see how I was doing. Before I had the surgery, I was waking up in the middle of the night in pain, after the surgery I wasn’t waking up to the pain anymore. I was able to go back to work in three days. I recommend doing the surgery to everyone it sure helped me.

— Thomas H.

I am thrilled to recommend Dr. Ichtertz and Staff at Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute to any person living with neck, shoulder, wrist or hand pain. Several of my family members have been treated by Dr. Ichtertz and the surgeries were all successful. I am an active wife, mother of two, dog walker, baker, quilter, school volunteer and substitute teacher. I lived with neck and shoulder pain in my right side for over 5 years before seeing Dr. Ichtertz. The pain was constant, numbing, burning and waking me up at night, every night. I also noticed my grip strength was weakening and my ring finger and pinkie were tingling. Chiropractic care, stretches, ice, heat nor medicine worked. I finally submitted to a nerve conduction study and PSSD tests, which proved I had carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome. The test results explained my symptoms and why no other prior intervention helped my pain. I was scheduled for surgery (for both my wrist and elbow) in the morning. Surgery went smoothly and I was home by lunchtime. By mid-afternoon the day of surgery, I realized my neck and shoulder pain were gone and my finger and pinkie were no longer tingling. I would not believe this success story if it didn’t happen to me! I am now eight months out from surgery and forget I ever had issues with my neck and shoulder, finger and pinkie. I have small incisions you can barely see for the carpal tunnel surgery and a tiny scar near my elbow from the cubital tunnel surgery. I have no restrictions and my only regret about the whole experience is that I didn’t see Dr. Ichtertz for my pain much sooner than I did.

— J.K.