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September 23, 2013

Curing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Could Cure Your Insomnia

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can often lead to pain and discomfort when trying to sleep, causing you to lose valuable hours of rest.

How Insomnia Impacts Your Employees and Productivity

According to Business Week (September ’12 and September 18, 2011), $63.2 billion of value in lost productivity by U.S. workers occurs because of insomnia annually. That is an average loss of 11.3 days by 23% of the workforce, or $2280 per employee.

Cure Insomnia, Be More Productive, Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Make sure you and your employees are not losing sleep due to carpal tunnel syndrome. If carpal tunnel syndrome is the root of your insomnia, you can easily return to your work and normal productivity levels by checking out treatment options at Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute. Our treatments will have you back to work the same day, eliminating the need for extended off time to heal from invasive surgeries!