Nutrition and Recovery

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May 1, 2015

Nutrition and recovery from carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel and tarsal tunnel release surgeries Have you ever thought about the role of nutrition in healing? Maybe too much emphasis is given to idiosyncratic diets and their effects on lifestyle and longevity for specific ailments. Most of the hoopla with years of research and scrutiny boils down to inborn errors of metabolism, i.e. genetics, such as high cholesterol and the person developing coronary artery disease. Psychological factors also have an awful lot to do with one's perception of their health, their developments of ailments, and recovery from ailments and surgery. I like to control as much as I can in the treatment of disease.

For years I have been extremely careful in applying technology in accurate diagnosis of a patient's complaints while limiting the costs of unnecessary tests, etc. I have also limited physical and occupational therapy and medications and yet I am able to get my patients through the worst things with the best outcomes. That is what science is all about. For the past year I have been encouraging the husbands and wives of my patients in giving their operated spouse a little added attention in the form of a customized, easy to reproduce, gourmet breakfast that only takes 4-1/2 minutes real time to cook. Interestingly, just about the only patients complaining significantly after surgery are those of whom the spouse or significant other who is too inconsiderate to follow through with the recommendations to look at the website provided and make the "get well breakfast", the pseudonym I have ascribed to Gordon Ramsey's "Sublime Scrambled Eggs". Of course, I give him full credit for the recipe. I can tell you it is a great recipe and I am really surprised with the difference in how the patients get along who get that wonderful breakfast one or two days after their surgery compared to those who are neglected. Here is the link to a video on how to make the eggs: